Based out of Las Vegas Nevada,  VJ Kobra is a self-taught visual artist who specializes in bringing sets to life with her live mixed visuals. 
Originally a fan in the crowd, Kobra started attending events after losing her friend, Kaitlyn. In a way to honor and keep her memory alive, Kobra jumped headfirst into the EDM scene. She was quickly dazzled by the event production seen at festivals like EDC and Lost Lands and decided to make it her career.
In 2018 she came up with her plan on how to become a VJ, while also working full-time at a local car dealership & attending college full-time. All this hard work led to her purchasing her VJ gear in early February of 2019. She booked a few small gigs in nearby Orlando but was feeling discouraged. 
 That was until spring 2020. After breaking out onto the live stream scene during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Kobra quickly became a household name in the underground bass scene. 
With over 250 virtual sets under her belt, she loved transporting viewers on a hypnotic journey and aims to connect viewers deeper to the music, mixing and warping various types of mixed media. 
Live streams were just the start, however, and after doing 2 live streams together, she was picked up by Shlump as both his personal VJ & visual artist. 
She can now be seen mixing her psychedelic loops at festivals like Forbidden Kingdom, Sound Haven and Bass Canyon, as well as various venues across the country.
In addition to her visual work, she also educates over 15,000 followers on Tiktok on how to get into the EDM visual world. Her hope is to show young women that they can do this too. 
 Kobra is always striving to evolve and continues to expand her skill set to bring a quality experience to the big screens. She does various motion graphic work, including tour visuals and track visualizers.
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